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Owl City Feat. Carly Rae Jepsen (New single)

Adam Young AKA Owl City has announced that he’s teamed up with ‘Call Me Maybe' singer Carly Rae Jepsen for a new track called 'Good Time', taken from his forthcoming album 'The Midsummer Station'.

The singer shot to fame in 2009 when his track ‘Fireflies’ scored him a US/UK chart topper, and its parent album charted at #7 on the UK Top 40. Last year however, his third studio album ‘All Things Bright And Beautiful' stumbled at #52, so he'll be hoping that teaming up with Justin Bieber's Canadian protegée will get him some much needed airplay. 

'Good Time' is the follow up to the album's (surprisingly good) lead single 'Shooting Star' which charted at #152 earlier this year.

'Good Time' is an uplifting, out and out pop duet which will most definitely ensure that neither artist has to settle for a 'one hit wonder' tag.

It will be released in America on 26 June with ‘The Midsummer Station’ following on 14 August in the States, and 17 September in the UK.

Watch the lyrics video for ‘Shooting Star’ below. 

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