The Re-view

Train: 50 Ways To Say Goodbye (Music Video)

US band Train have unveiled the music video for the second single to be taken from their UK Top 10 album ‘California 37’.

The clip for ‘50 Ways To Say Goodbye’ sees lead singer Pat Monahan lamenting the break up of a relationship with fellow supermarket shoppers including Death, a rabbi and David ‘The Hoff’ Hasslehoff, who pops up for a cameo role.

'50 Ways To Say Goodbye' is the follow up to the band's massive 'Drive By' which has become one of the most enduring sleeper hits of the last few months and, whilst it lacks that Summery carefree vibe, this newbie is still buoyed by a jaunty radio-friendly chorus. 

Released to US radio earlier this month, ‘50 Ways’ awaits an official UK release but you can download it from the album on iTunes now.