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Rachel Crow debuts official music video for ‘Mean Girls’

Rachel Crow has premiered the official music video for her new single ‘Mean Girls’. 

The track is the lead single from the fourteen year old’s self-titled EP which was released in the US last month and was co-written by Crow herself and producer Toby Gad.

Her sensational exit from the show may have tarnished the live memory of her performances but this new single is a reminder that there was something very special about Crow.

Forgive me for being patronising but her confidence at such a young age sometimes came across as borderline precocious. However the very fact that she has co-written something that is so clearly targeted towards her age suggests this is a girl with intelligence and aspirations. And who can knock that? 

When she was unfairly booted by the public at deadlock thanks to a wailing Nicole Scherzinger’s reluctance to make a decision, the despair of a broken pre-pubescent on national TV was painful to watch. Back in the driving seat now, it looks like Crow could end up delivering her own destiny.

Whilst it is unlikely that this particular track will extend beyond the market of teenage girls who will relate to the song’s anti-bullying message, I don’t doubt that her vocal ability to out diva some of the best singers will lead to even greater things in the future. 

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